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Engine Repair, Replacement and Service

bigstock-Hand-with-wrench-Mechanic-Au-15883343We know you don’t like the thought of engine trouble.  That’s why you regularly get your oil changed, right?  But, if your car is starting to have engine trouble it’s time to act fast.  The first step is to bring it in to our Gladstone auto repair shop for an accurate and dependable diagnosis first.  Remember, not all engine trouble is catastrophic.

By providing you with an accurate diagnosis of your engine’s condition can save you $1000s.  This is because some of the symptoms may get misdiagnosed, by a less experienced auto repair shop.  This could lead to an unneeded engine replacement.  It’s rare, but it does happen in our industry.

Because we employ experienced and very well qualified ASE Master and Certified Technicians, we have what you need to get the diagnosis right.

Complete Engine Replacement or a Rebuilt Engine?

Unfortunately, sometimes an engine does need to be replaced or rebuilt.  At The Maintenance Shop, we can handle both of these services.  The best way to find out which is better for your particular situation is to ask our service advisor.  This way you get very specific and custom answers for you.  However, here are some general thoughts about engine work.

Jasper Remanufactured Car engineRebuilt engines are not all alike.  There are excellent engine rebuilders that service auto repair shops nationwide and they offer a strong warranty.  Some local shops may offer to rebuild the engine themselves and this can be a fine option in many cases, while others may produce shoddy work.  The issue with a rebuilt engine is experience and quality parts are essential to give you an engine you can depend on for many, many years.  We can help you with a quality rebuilt engine that will provide you with a longer warranty, better quality, and more peace of mind.

New or used replacement engines are also an alternative that you may explore too.  The new engine option is often more expensive than a rebuilt one, but it is the genuine engine replacement from the manufacturer.  We can price this out for you and give you many options to make sure you make the best decision for your particular situation.