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We’re Focused on Preventing Auto Repairs

Sign at The Maintenance Shop in Gladstone, MOMaintenance is in our name, The Maintenance Shop.  That’s because we are serious about giving you peace of mind with your vehicles.   Although, we realize that not all auto repairs can’t be prevented, we also know that a large amount of them can through routine maintenance that goes beyond the oil change service.

Why is automotive preventive maintenance important for you?

It’s called preventive because it prevents repairs.   But lets look at some of the benefits and reasons this makes so much sense:

  • It gives you peace of mind.  When you’re worried about your car, you feel uneasy when you drive it and especially when you have a trip to make.  And, when you feel that your car is dependable, you feel confident and comfortable.  You’re not nervous about making it back home or to your destination.  You don’t fear the breakdown on the side of the freeway somewhere.  We are all about peace of mind, here at The Maintenance Shop.  You can purchase it at very affordable rates here.
  • It saves you money!  Because the cost of routine maintenance is tiny compared to many of the repairs due to neglect, the amount you can save is quite substantial.  Today a new engine or transmission can be several $1000s each.  That’s just for the engine, not to count the expense of a rental car, tow truck and any other expenses from a breakdown.
  • It is more convenient.  Breakdowns may give some telltale signs, but usually they result in your car breaking down somewhere (usually when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere).  They can result in waiting (and paying for) a tow truck, and a significant inconvenience in the day.  Conversely, maintenance can be scheduled to fit your schedule.
  • Your car lasts longer.  When your car is well-maintained, you can keep it for many miles longer and still have peace of mind.  This saves you money in the long run.  It’s common today for our customers to get 100,000 … 200,000 miles and more out of their well-maintained car.  This saves you from many years of car payments that you can put to good use in your life elsewhere.
  • Increases your car’s resale value.  A car that is running well, is worth more than one broken down.  Also, one that can show maintenance records is also worth more.  You essentially transfer your peace of mind with the car to the new owner.

Come to The Maintenance Shop for the peace of mind you deserve!

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