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Air Conditioning Service, Repair and Recharge

Keeping you cool in Gladstone

Have you noticedCar Air Conditioner that your car’s air conditioning is not cooling like it used to?  It may be time for a service, or possibly a repair.  The Maintenance Shop Auto Repair is the Kansas City/Gladstone area’s best for air conditioning service.  Our technicians have the certifications, and most importantly, the experience to get your car cooling you off like new.

Your car manufacturer recommends periodic service of your air conditioning system to make sure it is operating correctly and performing optimally.  Water in the lines can rust internal components and that can lead to an expensive repair.  Also, some of the refrigerant can leak out and may need to be recharged.

The next time you bring your car in for other routine service, ask about our Air Conditioning Service to keep you AC running right.  And, if you are currently experiencing an AC that is not working well or not working at all, bring it in right away.

We want you to stay cool in your car on our hot summer days in and around Gladstone.  Call today.