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Automotive Maintenance

We prevent auto repair breakdowns

Focused on Preventing Repairs

At our shop, we love to see our customers, but we don’t like seeing their cars come in on a tow truck.  We work with you to help you avoid those costly and unexpected breakdowns through our focus on preventive maintenance.


Oil & Filter Change Services

The most important of all maintenance services is the Oil  Service.  For most cars, it must be done about every 3,000 miles.  We also stock many different conventional and synthetic oils to make sure they meet the tight manufacturer specifications for your vehicle. We make it easy and convenient.  You can often wait for our service (with appointment) and can schedule appointments online 24/7. We will also send you reminders when it’s time for your next oil service.


Cooling System Fluid Exchanges

Your car’s cooling system is vitally important.  A well maintained cooling system may prevent the complete breakdown of your engine and even your transmission.  As the miles and time passes, the fluid breaks down in it’s protective properties.  This service exchanges poor cooling fluids with fresh and effective fluid.


Transmission Service and Fluid Exchange

With time and mileage, your transmission wears parts down.  It is critical to service your automatic transmission at the intervals set out by your car’s manufacturer.  Preventing a very expensive repair that could cost several $1000s is what a simple, schedulable transmission service can do for you.


Manufacturer’s Specified Maintenance Services

Your vehicle’s manufacturer has specified service intervals that are important to you.  They help prevent breakdowns & costly repairs. They protect your factory warranty (vehicle manufacturers can deny warranty claims if a vehicle is not maintained regularly) We help keep your car maintained with reminders.

Fuel Injectors

BG Fuel Induction Service

Your fuel induction system provides the right mixture of gasoline and air to ensure a smooth running engine with optimal gas mileage.  When the fuel injectors become clogged because, as they do with time and miles, the mess with the balance and result in a rougher ride and poorer gas mileage.  This service cleans your fuel induction system to help it run optimally.

Differential Service Gearbox

Differential Service

This is one of the most overlooked maintenance services on cars, trucks, and SUVs.  Your car’s differential gearbox contains heavy grease to keep it running smoothly.  When the service interval is extended, it causes premature wear, excessive noise and costly breakdown.  A differential can cost as much as $1500 to replace.  This inexpensive service can prevent that.

Tune-Up and Spark Plugs


There are many services that are important that can keep your car tuned up to it’s optimal state.  Depending on your particular vehicle, those services can vary.  Commonly, however is replacement of your spark plugs.  We can advise you on the needs for your particular car to keep it running best.

Timing Belt and Drive Belt Replacement

Timing Belts and Driving Belts

Timing and drive belts wear and deteriorate with mileage and time.  They are critical to a car’s ability to run.  We inspect your drive belts to see if there are signs of wear and readiness for replacement.  This preventive step can prove very helpful in preventing and unexpected and inconvenient breakdown (usually when you need the car the most).


Fluid Inspections and Top-Off

We’ll inspect your fluids to insure they still have the protective properties for your car’s various operating systems.  Antifreeze, air conditioning, power steering, braking, automatic transmission, transfer case, differential, engine, and more.


Battery inspection and life test

We have the technology that allows us to test your battery to see how much useful life is remaining.  This way you know ahead of time if there is a potential issue which could leave you stranded.


Power Steering Fluid Exchange

For some fluids, just draining the old fluid and replacing it just doesn’t cut it.  Often it is more effective to completely flush out the old fluids, clean out the system and then refill it with clean and protective fluids.  We provide this service for all your automotive systems.


Shocks and Struts Replacements

Shocks and struts are a very important part of your car.  It provides better drive-ability and handling.  But these component slowly wear out and should be replaced.  We carry high quality shocks and struts that last longer and provide a better feel.


Computerized 4 Wheel Alignments

We offer computerized accurate wheel alignments in our shop.  We have the ability to align virtually every vehicle, including light trucks, mini vans, SUVs, and work vans.  We have the latest and greatest Hunter Hawkeye Elite alignment system!

 Headlight restoration

Headlamp Polishing and Restoration Service

Tired of those yellowed, cloudy headlights that decrease your visibility?  We can help with our headlight restoration service.  We have a process that gets rid of that fogginess and restores them to like new condition.  Then we apply a finish that will help them stay that way longer.