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Brakes Repairs & Replacement

Not all brake shops around Gladstone are equal

Brake-Shoes,-Brake-Rotor-and-Brake-PadsDid you know the difference between a great break job and a poor one is not just money?  Yes, the difference can affect the intervals between brake jobs, but there’s something worse.  Some brake shops and auto repair shops cut corners on the brake parts and materials used and that can translate into your car needing an extra 20 feet to stop in an emergency.

We take your safety and your peace of mind very seriously at The Maintenance Shop Auto Repair!  That’s why we employ highly skilled ASE Certified and Master Technicians to perform your brake repairs.  It’s also why we choose high quality brake parts.  These things can make a very real and helpful difference in your life.

We don’t mean to scare you, but we do want you to understand the risks.  A cheap brake job that uses inferior parts may take longer to stop your car.  So, when you think about those emergency stops in rush hour traffic, our brake job can mean the difference between a successful and safe stop and an accident.

Call us today to schedule a brake inspection to see how your brakes are doing.  If you are already hearing or feeling telltale signs when you press on the brakes, it’s past time.  Bring it in soon before it turns into an expensive repair.