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Transmission Service Maintenance

automatic-transmission-shifter_2922890Your car’s automatic transmission is a maze of complex passages that your transmission fluid flows through to keep the transmission flowing properly.  There are an enormous amount of moving parts and gears inside.  When properly lubricated and kept below the maximum temperature, your transmission can give you many, many years of great life. Poorly maintained transmissions lead to catastrophic failure that can wind up costing you several $1000s for a new transmission.

Unfortunately, as soon as you start driving your car, the transmission fluid begins to lose its protective qualities.  When the transmission fluid is not kept clean and fairly fresh, gears start to grind against each other.  Soon, there are small metal parts contaminating the transmission’s fluid.  This makes the fluid lose more ability to protect the parts and the cycle continues until you have a problem.

What can you to help avoid automatic transmission problems?

Your car’s manufacturer recommends that you have an automatic transmission service at set intervals to keep that fluid fresh and protective.  Typically, when we do our inspections when your car’s in the shop, we’ll check your transmission fluid to look for signs of wear.  If we do recommend a transmission service, it’s a good idea to take care of it soon.  If you need to delay the costs, ask us how time-sensitive the issue is and we’ll give you an helpful answer.

What does an Automatic Transmission fluid exchange involve?

Essentially, we start by draining the old fluid out.  Then, we clean any filters and screens to remove the built up contaminants.  Then we hook up a machine that sort of power-washes the inside of your transmission to remove remaining fluid and contaminants.  This is important, otherwise its sort of like putting clean water into a dirty bathtub.  We want the insides clean before we add in the fresh and protective automatic transmission fluid.

About the maintenance intervals of Automatic Transmission Service

Your car’s manufacture will give you a general estimate of miles and time between this service.  But, remember it is a general rule because there are factors that affect the fluid.  For example, if your car frequently drives in dirty, dusty environments, or if you are doing any towing, or in constant stop and go traffic, it’s a good idea to increase the frequency of this service.