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Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service coupon

Oil changes are the single most common maintenance item performed on vehicles across the world, and for good reason: Your vehicle needs clean, premium, properly weighted oil to achieve maximum performance and increase your engines life span! Not all oil changes are created equal, bring your vehicle in to Performance Automotive to get the premium treatment.

Premium Differences

While most “lube shops” will, drain your oil and replace your filter, the oil and filter they replace them with is of great importance. Performance Automotive uses only premium oils (synthetics are available) and filters giving you many more miles over the life of your car, and most importantly: Peace of Mind.

Not All Technicians Are Created Equal

Just about anybody can drain your oil and replace the filter, not everyone has got years of professional, hands-on experience like the technicians working at Performance Automotive. This means you have a professional looking over your car, top to bottom with every service, watching for anything and everything that could affect you or the reliability and longevity of your car. All of Performance Automotive’s trusted technicians are ASE Certified, truly giving you an eagle eye watching over you and your vehicle with every service.

Check our Specials Page to see if we have any current Oil Change Coupons too