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Committed to a Greener Environment

Gladstone Auto Repair Shop

Here’s one way we are making a difference in the community and globally. We have a serious commitment to being a Green Shop. You may not know it, but auto repair shops usually produce a significant amount of impact on the environment — usually. From the fluids that leak out of the cars and seep into the drains, to the rags soaked with harmful fluids, to emissions caused by chemicals, to the electrical and gas usage, auto repair shops create a lot of negative output to the environment.

We, however, are not your ordinary auto repair shop. We have implemented numerous steps that help us reduce our impact on the environment. Here are just a few of the items we have solved so far. We will continue to improve in this area too — we are committed to that.

Recycle Antifreeze: We Recycle at our Gladstone Auto Repair Shop Antifreeze, or coolant that comes from your vehicle has to be disposed of properly, not drained into the flood/sewer system. We sought out and employed companies to recycle our antifreeze and other fluids.


Separate recycling service for plastic bottles, cardboard, and metal. Throughout our shop we are serious about these simple but often overlooked recycling efforts.

Low VOC and eco-friendly chemicals and cleaners. The chemicals we use as cleaners and other uses around our shop are chosen for their eco-friendliness. Today there are many good choices, but it takes a conscious effort to track them down and obtain them.

Green menu which include all long options to help reduce waste and increase fuel economy. A few examples include: life synthetic oil changes, long life non-toxic coolant flush, long life synthetic transmission fluid exchange, and long life power steering fluid exchange.

All waste oil is clean burned and converted to heat in our furnace. Waste Oil Furnace How do you like that? We take all of the waste oil that comes from your car’s oil change service and we use it.

Proper disposal of tires. Often, auto repair and tire shops just drop their old tires into the dumpster and they wind up in the landfill. That’s not good for the environment. Tires can be recycled and we submit them to recyclers to be used in other products.

No natural gas heat in lobby area: Instead, we use an efficient wood pellet heating system.

Sealed floors with no floor drains. By sealing our floors we are inhibiting the soaking of fluids into the ground below.
Additionally, we don’t use floor drains that funnel the loose fluids into our sewer/flood system that can find it’s way into our water table.

Efficient lighting with timers to reduce energy in daylight hours. Keeping our heating and electrical costs down means we are making a smaller carbon footprint than other auto repair shops and businesses.

Recycled paper products in office.
Maintenance: We have a serious commitment to keeping vehicles tuned up and tires properly inflated to increase fuel economy.

We will continue our progress into being a Greener-Auto-Repair-Shop as we develop and explore new methods to help with this quest.