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Qualified Auto Repair

Probably the most important aspect of an auto repair shop is to do the work properly, accurately and without any unintended consequences — THE FIRST TIME!

To that end, we have made numerous choices over the years, throughout our shop, that help us do just that. From our choices for the technician staff and others in the company, to the equipment and resources we have chosen, all have been done to make sure we do auto repairs and maintenance right the first time.

Mike Tarwater

Very experienced and well established automotive experts

Mike Tarwater We are a well-established auto repair shop with significant experience using our ASE Certified and Master Technicians. Collectively, we have over 50 years of automotive experience that aids in our quest of getting the job done right for you — the first time.

ASE’s Highest Honors: The ASE Blue Seal of Excellence

Blue Seal

The ASE is the nickname for the Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. The ASE is the only nationally recognized provider of certifications for the automotive industry. To become an ASE Certified Technician a mechanic must possess experience and pass very stringent testing. They must display their abilities throughout the certification process and continue their education to keep their certifications. The main reason of continuing education is because of the rapid changes in automotive technology.

A Master technician means the mechanic possesses multiple certifications in various areas of automotive service. They are more experienced, more qualified and more expert auto repair mechanics that keep up with current technologies. Look for ASE Certifications when you look for an auto repair facility because it means the staff will be capable, serious and qualified about automotive service.

Super-Long Auto Repair Warranty

Repair Warranty

2 Year Auto Repair Warranty Our warranty is at least twice as long as most other auto repair shops and dealerships. We easily provide a full 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty on most of our repairs. We can do this because we get the repairs right the first time using high quality parts that last longer and perform better.